10 Tips for Flat Ironing Black Hair

Black hair is normally kinky with screw curls so is hardly ever straight without a little help from external factors. If you don’t use chemicals like relaxers or texturizers to straighten your hair, then flat ironing black hair is another option to use in straightening out the curls in your hair though not permanently.

Flat ironing tour hair helps you know the true length of your hair and it also gives some sort of versatility when styling your hair. Most times, flat ironed black hair doesn’t remain as straight because before you know it, it has reverted back to its kinky coily state. This could be due to the technique use in flat ironing the hair or it could be because of the flat iron that was used.

In order to get long lasting straightened hair with a smooth and sleek finish, here are ten tips to guide you during the straightening process to get those super straight, smooth strands that will last for weeks.Flat Ironing Black Hair

1. Invest in a Good Flat Iron With Quality Plates

There are varieties of flat irons in the market. There are the cheap ones which promise you your desired result while there are the expensive ones with long lasting plates that will actually give you the desired result. All in all, choosing the appropriate flat iron depends on your hair texture and length of your hair.

The best flat iron has to be able to give a smooth and sleek finish and will also leave your hair shiny and bouncy after straightening .When investing in flat irons, the type of plate on the flat iron is very important. Flat irons with ceramic and titanium plates help to reduce the damage that will affect the hair when using high temperature. It also helps in distributing the heat evenly to all the strands of your hair. Buy a flat iron that has temperature settings so you can set the heat to different settings till you find the temperature that works best for your hair texture.

When buying a flat iron for black hair, make sure to get the type that will lock moisture into your hair rather than leeching it. Click here to check out top 5 best flat irons for black hair on the market today

2. Wash and Shampoo Your Hair Thoroughly

Your hair should be clean and free from dirt before using a flat iron on it. Clean hair gives better results. The best time to flat iron your hair is after it has been thoroughly shampooed with a clarifying shampoo and rinsed. The clarifying shampoo helps to cleanse your hair from all the products you have applied on it and it cleans the scalp too. Flat ironing a dirty hair only ends up locking the dirt in the hair and may delay the straightening process.

3. Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep condition your hair at least twice a week prior to straightening it to guard against heat damage. The deep conditioner keeps the hair moisturized as well as improving its elasticity. When your hair is well hydrated before flat ironing, it will be able to withstand the high temperature used during flat ironing. The deep conditioner protects the hair strands from heat damages and also allows the hair retain moisture.

4. Flat Iron Only Dry Hair

Your hair should be as dry as possible when straightening. Straightening your hair when wet can cause frizzing. Using heat on damp hair will increase the chances of heat damage. Flat ironing dry hair allows the flat iron to glide easily through the hair thus preventing breakage. If you are in a hurry for the hair to dry, then you can blow dry it but remember that less heat, less breakage.

5. Apply a Smoothening Serum

Using a smoothening serum before straightening black hair helps to reduce frizz, heat damage and produces a smooth and sleek finish. The serum adds shine and locks in moisture. It also prevents heat damage to the hair during the flat ironing. Applying smoothening serum on your hair allows the flat iron to glide effortlessly through the hair without snagging on the hair strands. Smoothening serum can also prevent the hair from becoming too dehydrated.

6. Avoid Applying Oil on Your Hair Before Flat Ironing

Applying oil on your hair before flat ironing it might make the hair to get fried because of the oil already on it. Rubbing oil on the hair before straightening might also hinder it from having that bouncy look and would weigh it down but oil can be applied after the flat ironing to make it shiny and give it more weight.

7. Use Heat Protectant

Heat protectants are products that contain some form of silicones that can protect your hair from heat damages. Using a heat protectant help reduce moisture loss and hair breakage. Even though you have applied a heat protectant, avoid using high temperature when straightening your hair because heat protectant cannot protect your hair from being damaged from heat that is too high.

8 Flat Iron in Small Sections

Flat ironing in big chunks will inhibit the hair from being straightened properly. Divide your hair into small sections and flat iron, clamping the flat iron on each section sliding the flat iron slowly and steadily through the hair up from the root down to the tips of the hair.

9. Choose the Right Temperature Setting

Your hair texture and type will determine the temperature settings to be used so make sure you use a flat iron that has a button for setting the desired temperature. Always remember that excessive heat can cause significant damage so try not to exceed 350o when flat ironing.

Allow the flat iron to heat for like 3 minutes before you begin straightening the hair.

10. Avoid Rushing During the Flat Ironing Process

Do not flat iron your hair when you are in a hurry. You need to be slow and steady in order to ensure that you get the desired result. If you hurry through the hair you may have to go over the section over and over again. Use even fluid strokes and never leave the flat iron on one section of the hair for too long.

When you are through with the straightening, spray a shine spray on the hair and add a little bit of oil to make it shiny.