The Best Hanging Toiletry Bag To Buy

Are you having trouble keeping your toiletries organized when traveling? If so, then a hanging toiletry bag like the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is the best solution to your problem. This bag helps to keep your things fully organized while you’re on the road. What’s more, it comes with a plastic hanging hook, allowing you to conveniently hang it in the washroom while you focus on doing your stuff. With a hanging toiletry bag, getting access to your toiletries has never been so easy! Read on to find out more about the best hanging toiletry bag to buy in the market today.LalaTravel Toiletry bag hanging

Hanging Hook

The best solution for travelers who are constantly on the go and would need to stay in hotels most of the time is a toiletry bag that comes with a hook, also known as the hanging toiletry bag. The LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is the best choice when it comes to this. This bag comes with a plastic hanging hook allowing you to easily suspend the bag in the toilet of your hotel room.

Unlike other toiletry bags, the hook of the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is large enough to accommodate any size of a towel bar. If you can’t find any place to hook it in the washroom, you can simply hook it in the rod of a shower curtain or at the doorknob. Indeed, it’s very versatile and will make traveling so much easier with less hassle.


Some people would choose to pack their toiletries in a packing cube but this makes it difficult to organize things. Unlike the packing cube, the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is multifunctional and comes with compartments, which makes organizing things so much easier. Aside from the clear pocket that comes with a zipper, the bag also comes with two mesh pockets, as well as a spacious storage section where you can keep some bulky stuff. 

Remember that organization is a must in order to keep your bottled beauty products from hiding the smaller things like eyeliner, nail clippers, etc. With the LalaTravel hanging toiletry bag, organizing your toiletries has never been so easy.

Interior Organization

Having compartments is not enough in order to keep your toiletries organized when traveling. Thus, the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag’s compartments are laid out intuitively so all your stuff will be easy to access. With this design, similar items can fit together in one single compartment. Therefore, you will not have a hard time in reaching out for your things when the time comes that you need to use them. And since it is a hanging toiletry bag, it makes accessing your stuff even easier!


Most of the toiletry bags in the market today are in the range of $25 to $35, but you would be glad to know that the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag costs around $10 to $12 only, which is half the price of most of the toiletry bags in the market! But just because it is cheap does not mean that it is of low quality. This hanging toiletry bag is made from a high-quality nylon material that keeps your stuff fully protected.

Despite its very affordable price, the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is guaranteed to last long. It’s designed for travelers who are always on the go since it could handle rigorous use. In fact, a lot of customers have praised the zipper of the bag because unlike the other toiletry bags in the market, the zipper of the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is made of premium quality and will not get broken no matter how often you will use it.

Light Weight

Carrying a heavy bag is the last thing you want when traveling. Thus, it’s important that your hanging toiletry bag is lightweight. As you know, you’ll most likely have to store this bag in your carry-on luggage. If you’re flying, there are certain limits set for carry-ons. It will be a shame to go beyond that limit just because your toiletry bag is extremely heavy.

With a weight of only 4 ounces, the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is definitely the best hanging toiletry bag to buy. It will not add tons of unnecessary weight to your luggage so you can breeze through airport security with ease and conveniently carry your luggage in flight without worrying about the weight.

Stylish Design

Chic and fashionable jetsetters would definitely prefer a toiletry bag that’s aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to this, the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag would be a great choice. The exterior design of the bag is so cute, especially if you go with the “A Blue Flowers” design. This design features a shade of blue with floral imprints of pink and white. It’s very chic and girly, which is exactly what every woman traveler would want for her toiletry bag. There’s also another design available known as the  “A Dark Blue”.

Backed by Warranty

Perhaps the best thing about the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is that it is backed by a one-year warranty, which is rare for bags costing less than $20! It is definitely the best value for your money. Furthermore, it also gives you an option to return the bag within 90-day of purchase and get refunded for what you paid, which is really great. If you happen to read the reviews of customers who bought the bag, they are extremely pleased with the after-sales service they receive for buying this toiletry bag.


As you can see, the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is no doubt, the best hanging toiletry bag in the market today. It has everything that a traveler would need for a reliable toiletry bag. It’s made from durable materials and comes with enough compartments, allowing you to easily organize your things. But the best thing about all these is that it has a really cheap price! So if you need a good quality hanging toiletry bag that will not blow your budget, look no further – the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is all you need!