Buying the Best Round Brush for Natural Blowout

Ask any hairstylist you know about the most frequent questions that people ask and most of them would reply that their customers usually want to know what round brush to use. Sexy curls and smooth hair don’t only depend on your blow drying technique or shampoo and other products you use.

They rely on your ability to choose the best tools to manage your locks. While the selection of these “instruments” does require certain considerations, it’s not as complex as you’re assuming right now.

Want proof?

Read the rest of the article and find out how easy it is to buy the best round brush for a natural blowout, blow dryer, and other tips and tricks.Best Round Brush for Natural Blowout

Finding Blow Dryer for Natural Hair

Before you learn how to find the ideal round brush, let’s talk about blow dryers first as drying your hair is the first and fundamental step for everything that comes next. Unfortunately, most people assume that blow dryer is just a dryer and there’s no significant difference between some products except for the manufacturer’s name, the reality is different.

In fact, your blow dryer can make or break the quality of your hair. To find out how to buy the best blow dryer for natural hair here are some factors you should consider:


Greater power equals to faster drying time. Ideally, you should look for a blow dryer with greater wattage 1800 or higher. There are some blow dryers with wattage as high as 3600. Greater wattage allows you to have more control of the heat, you’re not limited to one specific feature only.

These blow dryers tend to be more expensive, but they do wonders for thick, curly hair. One of the greatest advantages of this product is the fact it cuts drying time, meaning less damage

Tourmaline Ceramic

if you’re looking for a blow dryer that will help you smoothen your hair then your best bet is investing in an appliance with tourmaline or ceramic technology. Tourmaline is a mineral that smoothens your hair by sealing the cuticle and retaining moisture for added nourishment.

Basically, tourmaline technology is anti-frizz and helps your locks retain much-needed moisture. Also, ceramic technology controls the heat and distributes it more evenly

“Cool” button

As mentioned above, controlling heat is important for natural hair styling. Besides wattage and heat options (warm/hot etc.) it is practical to consider a dryer with “cool” shot button that helps you set the style.

For example, if you’re using a round brush to get more volume and smooth your curls, the cool shot button helps you set the style and retain the volume


the blow dryer should have a nozzle attachment to concentrate the airflow to blow directly onto the area you’d like to smooth. Other attachments like diffuser and comb are also highly practical.

Round Brushes

Now that you know how to choose the perfect blow dryer, let’s discuss round brushes. When choosing the round brush for your gorgeous locks, here are two major types you should consider:

Ceramic Round Brush

These brushes are ideal for curling your hair or even when you want to straighten your hair without a flat iron. How? It’s because the brush’s barrel warms up by the heat exerted from blow dryer and acts either as a curler or a flat iron. Isn’t that fascinating? If you’re considering buying this brush, then ensure it is vented onto the barrel. A major benefit of ceramic round brushes is that they’re suitable for different hair types, lengths, and textures

Boar Bristle Round Brush

This type of brush is excellent for a shiny and smooth blowout. These brushes come with wood or ceramic barrel

Besides specific round brush types, you should also consider their size. Here, you should take into consideration the following:

  •         Hair texture
  •         Length of your hair
  •         How much volume you want to accomplish
  •         How curly you’d like your hair to be

Basically, the bigger the brush, the more volume you’ll accomplish. Also, bear in mind that bigger round brushes are ideal for straightening your hair. On the other hand, smaller brushes add less volume, but more curls. Generally, ladies with short hair should go for short to medium brushes, medium hair requires medium-length brushes, and long hair calls for medium to large brushes.

However, to introduce a little bit of variety, it’s even better to buy round brushes of different sizes to have the option to straighten or curl your hair easily, depending on your moods and preferences that day.

Women and girls whose hair is very curly will benefit the most from small to medium-sized round brushes. They will help you smoothen the curls more effectively without adding extra volume while large brushes would give you smaller, weaker locks along with extreme volume.

Besides standard round brushes, nowadays you have the option to buy round brush blow dryer. As the name implies, it’s a round brush with built-in dryer, designed to help you get the desired hairstyle in a shorter period of time.

Round brush blow dryer is the ideal solution for busy girls and women who don’t have enough time to style their hair in a “traditional” manner. This type of brush allows you to do both, dry and style your locks simultaneously using one hand only. How convenient! Round brush blow dryers come in two types, straightening & volumizing and curlers.

Blow Dry Tips

  •         Before start drying your hair, apply heat-protecting spray
  •         Your hair should be 60% – 65% dry before you start drying with blow dryer
  •         If you want some lift and volume, using hands comb your roots and blow dry
  •         Use diffuser for maximum shine and sexy curls

Brushes and blow dryer you use to play a major role in the volume, quality, and smoothness of your hair. To help your natural hair stay smooth, silky, and shiny, reconsider the round brush and blow dryer you have and buy the right products in case you’ve been using wrong ones.

Throughout this article, you got informed on how to buy the best round brush for a natural blowout as well as blow dryer for natural hair, and all you have to do is to start shopping.