How Do You Choose the Right Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Home Use

You already have a reliable refrigerator at home ready to give you cool and refreshing water during a hot summer day. You may also have an electric water pot for your cup of hot coffee when it is getting cold. Despite having these two appliances, you may have to think about having a hot and cold water dispenser for home use.

Nowadays, it is easy to have a glass of cold water or a cup of piping hot water for your coffee or chocolate drink. We have freezers and refrigerators when you want cold water, and an electric pot for hot water. Moreover, you can get hold of a thermos or flask that could keep our water either cold or hot for a longer time.

So, why do you still need to have a hot and cold water dispenser for home use?water cooler for home

Why owning a hot and cold water dispenser for home use is a great idea?

Refrigerators and freezers have always been a trusted household fixture, but while these two appliances can readily provide cold water and store foods, they also consume electricity especially when you keep on opening and closing its doors just for a glass of water. The machine that runs our refrigerator or freezer will automatically engage and turn hot air that enters the appliances when you open it into cold air.

Now, that is money we are talking about. Moreover, people with smaller houses also have smaller refrigerators, and only store things that are essential like foods, vegetables and some pitcher of water. This may be fine during the winter when we drink less water, but during the summer or when it is very humid, you may need more than a pitcher of cold water to cool you down. Now, this where a hot and cold water dispenser can come in handy.

Having a reliable hot and cold water dispenser at home can save you time and a lot of money. You need not open the refrigerator’s door and scour the ref for some cold water. You simply put your glass onto your dispenser and press cold, and you now have a cold glass of water.  This will hold true especially if you have a large family who frequently raid the refrigerator. Or kids who needs to drink cold water most of the time.

And if you are fond of hot beverages like coffee or hot choco, you do not need to open your stove and wait for the water to boil for your cup of Joe. You simply put a mug or cup and your dispenser, press hot and you have your nice cup of hot coffee already.

Does hot and cold water dispenser consume so much electricity?

Depending on the model, modern and newer models of water dispensers do not consume much electricity as compared to older versions. With so much Innovative ideas coming in nowadays, it is no longer strange to have a water dispenser that consumes less electricity.

New models of water dispenser even come with lots of technology. Some models automatically shuts down when you are not using it for a long time, allowing you to save electricity. Others have mini fridge but still consumes less power. You even have a dispenser equipped with anti-microbial properties which gives you fresh, clean, safe and contaminant free water.

Furthermore, newer models are not as expensive as you thought they might be. Yes they are loaded with all the amenities you can think of, but with newer technology as well, manufacturing them is no longer that costly.

How do you choose the right model of hot and cold water dispenser for home use?

Choosing the right water dispenser could initially be tricky. There are a sea of models, and brands in the market today for this appliance. This only proves one thing, hot and cold water dispenser should be at every home today.

To choose your water dispenser, first, check the space you have at your home. No matter how small your house is, there will always be that perfect model for you. Make sure that the available space has an electrical outlet and free from any clutter. It should also be far from any appliances like television, radio components and computers. Next choose a model that meets your water consumption. Do not plug your water dispenser in a faulty outlet.

If you consume say, less than a gallon of water a week, then get a model that holds only that much water. And if you or your family drinks a lot of water, then a bigger water dispenser is perfect for you and your family.

You may also choose dispenser that stores water below or models which requires you to toss it over allowing gravity to pull the water down when you push a button.

Lastly, check your budget, there are hot and cold water dispensers that are a bit costlier and some are very affordable. So, if you have the money to buy a more expensive model, by all means choose it. But if you are under some budget constraint, you may have to opt for those cheaper models that are still dependable and reliable.

The list could go on and on, whatever you need and want, there will always be that perfect hot and cold water dispenser model for you.

Final thoughts

Hot and cold water dispenser for home is designed to provide you with the type of water you want immediately. It does not however, replaces your good old refrigerator, as water dispenser only do certain things which your refrigerator can not do and vice versa.

Before you buy any model, make sure to ask for references and see if there are any issues. Choose the right model because of its functionality and based on your need. Do not buy any hot and cold water dispenser because your friend has it and because it looks good with your dining set. Buy because you need it and it is best for you and your family.